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  1. Hi

    I love this download as it is massively helping me with my university math and I am hoping my work now will show some ability and promise for my future as I design a program that analyses trends etc.

    But can I ask.. its not updated regularly and there has been days when it hasn’t been available and its a compliment I am reliant on it, but that gives me big issues when they are not there.

    Will it be possible to get those missing days ever ?

    If it done voluntarily I again say thank you and I am happy to help in some way if I can.

    But of course, thank you again for a brilliant help.

    1. Hello

      Thank you for your kind words and interest in our site. The site was created to facilitate investment decisions with excel formatted stock data metrics on a daily basis free of charge. Nowadays it is hard to find this type of info in downloadable form without having to subscribe to a paid service. This site has been running for a few years now and it has been tough as of late to devote the time to updating as often as in the past. In order to compensate we would like to offer a method of downloading the metrics found in this site your self with out needing to rely on this site for updates. Please email @ stockstoexcel@gmail.com if you’d be interested in speaking further concerning your stock trend analysis needs.

      Thanks for your interest and for supporting stockstoexcel.com!

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